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Digital Marketing and Web Development

About Saltworks

At Saltworks, we create a reason for people to care about your brand. We combine an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology with two decades of marketing strategy expertise to create something unique – a message that will strike a chord with the very people you’re trying to reach.

This may involve leveraging a powerful image, compelling video, or sometimes just few simple words. It’s this captivating and persuasive message that will be the cornerstone of your digital marketing campaign (website, social media, online advertising, etc.)

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Why Saltworks

WE SAVE YOU TIME – Instead of hiring multiple firms to handle marketing strategy, brand identity, web design, social media, etc., we save you time by delivering all 10 skill sets needed for online success.

SYNERGY – Good online marketing requires more than just a website. It requires an online ecosystem. We ensure that your website, online ads, social media, and SEO work together efficiently to deliver measurable ROI.

BETTER ROI – No wasted time and money. We have the full set of seasoned pros needed to get it right the first time. The result is a better return on your marketing investment.

A STRONGER BRAND – Poorly-conceived marketing can actually weaken your brand. Our carefully crafted campaigns accurately convey your brand story and help build a stronger, more credible brand.

PEACE OF MIND – You’ll love knowing that your online success is in the hands of a team of absolute professionals who take the success of your brand as seriously as you do.

RESULTS – Simply put, we have the expertise and creativity to convert website visitors to customers.


“Local, small businesses help make our neighborhoods vibrant and healthy. Keeping our dollars local helps our economy and also helps reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why need to band together to build a stronger independent business community here in Utah.”

– Doug Burton, co-owner of Saltworks


655 E. 4500 S. Suite 210
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Message: info@saltworksdigital.com
Website: saltworksdigital.com


Complimentary half-hour marketing/website consultation


Brand Identity/Logo Design, Marketing Strategy Development, Wed Design/Development, Digital Marketing & Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Video Production.


Doug and Sheila Burton


“We love the new responsive websites Saltworks developed for us! We’ve had many positive comments from our customers and our business partners. Plus, the illustrations Saltworks created for the Glass Recycling Process page really helped bring that process to life by making the page highly engaging and interactive.

I definitely recommend Saltworks to any business that needs expert web development or digital marketing.”

– John Lair, President & CEO, Momentum Recycling

“Doug Burton and his team at Saltworks provided the highest quality of service and professionalism that I have encountered in the web design and administration space. With exceptional customer service, the creative minds at Saltworks are an invaluable partner and addition to any team. I could not recommend them more highly.”

– Jay P. Singh, PhD, Founder & CEO, Global Institute of Forensic Research

“The team at Saltworks developed a winning strategy with new brand identity (logo and visual styles) that really resonated with our target audience. They also conceptualized a memorable slogan (Mediation Changes the Conversation) and a marketing campaign that perfectly conveys our service benefits — and helps position us above other mediators. The campaign has been very effective in communicating precisely not only what mediation is, but also how it can create a mutually beneficial relationship that results in open communication and real resolution.

I love our new logo, website, and online campaign and would highly recommend Saltworks to any brand that needs strong online marketing.”

– Jason Barber, Barber Alternative Dispute Resolution

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