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Join Us for “Finding Inspiration: Utah Small Business that Pivoted, Reinvented, & Persevered to Weather the Pandemic”

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The past year was brutal for many Utah small businesses. While some small businesses sadly ceased to exist, many businesses made it through, and some have even thrived against all odds. How did they do it? What made the difference? What can we learn from these businesses to apply to our own businesses in 2021?

We invite you to lunch and learn with UIBC as we co-host the first Wasatch Business Series event of 2021. Register now for “Finding Inspiration: Utah Small Business that Pivoted, Reinvented, & Persevered to Weather the Pandemic ”

This collaborative virtual event will held via Zoom on Thursday, January 21st, 2021 from 12:00pm-1:30pm.

You’ll hear from local business owners that have saved and even grown their businesses by:

  • Pivoting to a new business model
  • Introducing a new product line/service
  • Partnering/joining forces with another business
  • Investing in new infrastructure/methods to deliver products and services
  • Perseverance and savvy maneuvering

Speakers will include:

FREE Registration is required – Register now as attendance will be limited to 100 people!
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Lunch and a Shout-Out to Support Your Favorite Local, Neighborhood Restaurant

To help support locally-owned restaurants and cafes, we encourage you to order lunch for yourself from your favorite local eating establishment to enjoy during the event. You’ll be invited to show your favorite restaurant some love by posting a shout-out in the CHAT window during the Zoom call. At the end of the event, we’ll read out all the shout-outs and we’ll also post to Facebook as part of the event recap/wrap up post.

Join us for this interactive online event and reconnect with your friends in the local, small business community!

This Wasatch Business Series Event is hosted and presented by:

The Wasatch Business Series is a collaborative effort that is focused on bringing impactful networking and educational opportunities to business owners across the Wasatch Front.

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