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Celebrate 801 Day with an 801 Choose Local Sticker

Happy 801 Day! Today we’re celebrating the Utah businesses that make the 801 a great place to live and work. To the local businesses – and the locals who keep us going! – thanks for being part of our hive. Utah life is so much sweeter with you in it.

In celebration of 801 Day on 8/01, if you donate just $8.01 to UIBC any time in the month of August, you’ll get your own Choose Local sticker! Put it on your car, laptop, office window, phone case, emotional support water bottle, or anywhere else to appreciate your home in the 801.

Just click the link, enter your details during the transaction, and you’ll recieve your sticker in the mail. Having trouble? email info@utahindependentbusiness.org and we’ll help you out.


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