History of the Utah Independent Business Coalition

In 1997, several locally owned businesses had a big problem. Local parking ordinances that had been put into place were making it difficult for their customers to find affordable, nearby parking. These business owners banded together to overcome the challenge, which would have crippling for each business to tackle on its own. initiatives.

Larraine MillerThe name Vest Pocket was chosen by founding member Larraine Miller, the former owner of Cactus & Tropicals, because it brought to mind something small and close to the heart. This spirit of collaboration and support led to a broader program of educational events, networking functions, and public policy initiatives. In 2018 Vest Pocket was changed to Utah Independent Business Coalition.

The Local First Connection

In 2005, Betsy Burton (owner of the The King’s English Bookshop and one of the founders of UIBC formerly Vest Pocket) along with David Nimkin (founder of the Utah Microenterprise Fund) formed Local First Utah a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the merits of buying locally. Today, UIBC and Local First Utah continue to work in collaboration on issues of shared interest.

Why Join Utah Independent Business Coalition?

By working together, UIBC members have a stronger voice in the community, access to better resources, and a stronger support network.