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Health Insurance Broker

About Ark Insurance

As an independent broker, Ark works with a number of the nation’s top health and life insurance companies to find the best policies to protect your family and finances in times of trouble. As the company has grown, we’ve built a dedicated team of experts in each niche in the health insurance industry. We can help you compare health plans to make the best decision based on your unique circumstances and budget.

At Ark, we love our community and believe in fully immersing ourselves in the causes, people, and places that we care deeply about. We invest time in our team, fellow business owners, and our clients to create lasting relationships and a true sense of community.

We can help you navigate the complex world of health insurance. Give us a call or request a health insurance quote now.

About Ark Insurance Owner Rebecca Yates

Rebecca Yates is a published author, licensed insurance broker, consultant and owner of Ark Insurance Solutions, LLC. She has been working in the health insurance industry since 2004. Before starting Ark in 2010, Rebecca worked for a diverse range of organizations including insurance brokerages, aerospace engineers, emergency medical suppliers, and technology consultants. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westminster College and is currently serving on their Alumni Board, along with various committees at the college. She is also actively involved with Business Network International, Corporate Alliance, and most recently served on the board of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS).

Rebecca is very passionate about providing appropriate insurance coverage to her clients, taking the time to learn their needs and design unique programs. Her varied background and experience with both large partially self funded groups and small fully insured groups brings a unique perspective to all of her endeavors. As the health insurance industry is always changing, she consistently takes the time to learn the changes and ensure that all of her clients are kept up to date. She also speaks on issues such as Health Care Reform, health insurance partial self funding, ERISA 101, and health insurance basics.

In her spare time she runs a custom clothing line, and a few other businesses. She loves to read, improve her home, and travel. She has a beautiful family and enjoys spending time with her two daughters.


“I love being informed about what is happening politically and legislatively in direct relation to my business. Having an organization that is giving this perspective focus and working on change is what I have been looking for. Add in the mentoring in the round tables and the network of like-minded businesses and it’s everything I need!”

– Rebecca Yates, owner of Ark Insurance


655 East 4500 South. Suite 210
Murray, Utah 84107
Message: info@ark-ins.com
Website: ark-ins.com


Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance for individuals/families and companies (group plans).


Rebecca Yates


“I highly recommend Ark! Rebecca is phenomenal at navigating insurance. She will find you the best coverage and cost for your family. Before using Ark I never knew exactly what I was buying.”

-Natalie Parkin, Salt Lake City

Rebecca Yates is amazing at helping to navigate a very complex market. Her knowledge is invaluable so that we could find the right policy to fit us.”

– Ezralea Robbins, Salt Lake City

“I worked with Jesus and Rebecca on finding the right health coverage for me when I stopped my employer sponsored health insurance. Boy, am I glad I did! This dynamic duo couldn’t have made the overly complicated insurance world any easier to navigate. They are so professional, and are genuinely interested in answering questions with me via email, texts, and phone calls. Now, I have the perfect health plan that fits my needs and budget, and someone to go to if I ever need more help. HIGHLY recommend Ark Insurance 110%!.”

– Erin McKennon

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