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Laziz Kitchen

Modern Mediterranean Cuisine

A little bit about Laziz Kitchen

Hi, Moudi Sbeity here. I moved from Lebanon to Utah in 2006 to pursue my education. I had the good fortune to meet Derek Kitchen, who is from South Jordan, UT. Together, we started making hummus and selling to our colleagues and friends, and eventually at the Downtown SLC Farmer’s market. We soon started selling at grocery stores in the valley, and before we knew it, teaching cooking classes, catering, and hosting events.

In a turn of events, we found ourselves in the center of the fight for marriage equality in Utah, and as a result, had the opportunity to build deep and meaningful community connections, which would later encourage us to open up a restaurant. So we did!


“When Derek and I decided to open up Laziz, we were very conscious of where we are, and where we came from. While we serve a lot of traditional Lebanese dishes and flavors, we also serve a variety of foods and plates that we personally enjoy, a reflection of our likes and our community. Our beliefs, our values, our love for Salt Lake City and beyond is all present not just in our food, but our design, our team, and our customers.”

– Moudi Sbeity, co-owner of Laziz Kitchen


912 S Jefferson Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Message: hello@lazizkitchen.com
Website: http://www.lazizkitchen.com


Catering, Burgers, Steak, Pita wraps, Grape Leaves, Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Skewers, Kibbeh, Shakshouka, Arabic Coffee, Locally Made Desserts, In-house Baked Pita, Local and Lebanese Beer, Wine, Fried Cauliflower, Local Hot and Iced Coffees, Teas, Reservations Available but not Required


Moudi Sbeity, Derek Kitchen

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