Learn About Utah Independent Business Coalition’s Mentor Round Table (MRT) Program

What if you could have an outside board of business experts to provide you monthly advice and support for your organization? Now you can. Utah Independent Business Coalition’s Mentor Round Table (MRT) program brings independent business owners and managers together into support groups. These groups of 8 to 10 people meet together once a month to discuss their organizations in a structured, confidential, and safe environment.

Who Qualifies?

Members of Utah Independent Business Coalition who are business owners or managers of a locally-owned, independent business in the state of Utah.


Participants of the MRT program will spend about two hours a month meeting with managers of other like-sized, non-competing companies. All information discussed will remain confidential to the group which is moderated by an experienced member of the Round Table. The cost to members is $190 per year. To learn more, complete the form below and we’ll be in contact with you soon.

UIBC’s Mentor Roundtable Program Inquiry