Vest Pocket Educational Events Now FREE to V.P. Members!

vp-logo-med-rev2The Vest Pocket Business Coalition board of directors has been working to improve our events, including how we charge attendees. For all remaining educational events in 2016, and starting with our March 16 lunchtime event, How To Find Business Mentors (and Why You Need One!), members of Vest Pocket will be able to attend educational events for free! The fee for non-members is $20.00 per event. However, non-members can also opt to purchase an annual membership for $95.00 and the event fee will be waived on the spot.

Why is Vest Pocket making this change? To make being a member of Vest Pocket more rewarding! In a nutshell, Vest Pocket want our members to get more value out of your memberships. Take advantage of the new policy and join us for the March 16 event! Click here to register now.

Jon Parry
Board President
Phone: (385) 743-1394

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