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Whether you’re a professional artist, a budding talent, or a beginner, the act of creating art is one of the most expressive, therapeutic, fun, and personal experiences you can undertake. Art can change one’s point of view, convey feeling, impress, entertain, and inspire. At its core, art is a conversation.

Workshop SLC is dedicated to supporting serious artists and hobbyists alike, and to cultivating technique, experience, talent, and the raw joy of creativity. Founded in 2018 by acclaimed artist Lucia Heffernan, the inspiration for Workshop SLC was born out of her ongoing effort to elevate her own artistic skills through focused workshop experiences abroad. Knowing that these same workshops were not available in Salt Lake City, she started her own. It is a challenge common to all artists: how does one gather new skills and improve one’s craft? What is the best approach to brushwork when painting still life? How does one master color theory and mixing? Where does one even begin to explore watercolor or printmaking?

Workshop SLC is how we get there: bring great artists from all over the world to teach classes right here in Salt Lake City. From beginner-level classes to focused multi-day workshops, Workshop SLC is a hub for creatives of all stripes. It is a collective of artists and instructors, a fun and safe classroom for all skill levels, and a co-working space where members can work alongside artists-in-residence. Because art is a conversation. And we’re all in it together.


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 153 2100 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Phone: (801) 997-8902




Art Classes, Ceramics Classes, Multi-day Workshops, Studio Memberships, Pottery Memberships, Kids Classes.


Chase Murdock, Adam Malmborg, Lucia Murdock


“This place is amazing! I am a beginner and they have always treated me very well. The instructors are more than patient and qualified. They always make me feel welcome and appreciated. I have definitely learned a lot. I want to try more classes because they are worthwhile experiences and I am very proud of my creations. Give yourself the chance to experiment and learn to express through art!”

– Mariana

“This is a fantastic space for all artists! The owner was super welcoming and provided a top-notch experience. I participated in a three-day portrait oil painting workshop. The instructor was fantastic – incredibly talented and knowledgeable. This is a true community for artists, built by artists. I will be back!”

– Flor

“Such a fun, creative, friendly, and inclusive place! I took a block printing workshop, and the class was so fun! It was fun to learn a new art form, where we got to learn about printing, create stamps, and block print onto high quality tote bags that we got to take home after the class. Also, the instructor and everyone in the class were friendly – so if you have social anxiety, do not fear. I can’t wait to take another workshop!”


“I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas card watercolor class at Workshop SLC last week. I decided to bring my niece who loves to paint. We had the most wonderful time!!! Our instructor was Kaori and she took us step by step through some different card designs and tree techniques. Then she let us have free reign to create some wonderful cards. This was a great early Christmas gift for my niece, and an experience we will always remember. I will definitely be attending more classes. Thank you Workshop SLC!”

– Jacqueline

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