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Quality Goods for an Everyday Life

About The Stockist

Hi, there! We’re The Stockist, and we’ve been holding down our little slice of 9th & 9th for over a decade.

Our story starts like this:

In 2009, sister/brother duo Helen and Ian Wade noticed a widening gap in the Salt Lake retail community where quality, affordable clothing was concerned, so they decided to think outside the mall and fill that gap themselves. On the south side of 9th & 9th, “Fresh” was born, a hyper-local shop focused on timeless styles for everyday wear.

Fast forward ten years, one rebrand, a name change, and a move across the street…The Stockist is still bringing classic and comfy clothes, homegoods, and shoes to the people of SLC.  Lifestyle and comfort are at the core of our shop, and we pride ourselves in sourcing our men’s, women’s, and non-gendered clothing from local makers and national brands who are just as committed to care in craft and responsible production as we are. Our lines focus on quality, small-batch productions that come from real people—independent designers supporting positive change and using their platforms for good. Good, right?

Our crew aims to bring you the essentials that every closet needs but with a durability that means they won’t have to be replaced. The ‘fits we source and stock are meant to wear confidently this season, next season, and every season after that.

The Stockist is a safe neighborhood spot to shop for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or orientation.

We love our city, we love our neighborhood, and we’re committed to bringing all y’all casual wears/wares for everyday life.


875 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT

Phone: 801-532-3458




Specialty shop catering to ladies and gents. Stocking quality clothing and goods for home and life.

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