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Health Insurance Concierge for Individuals and Businesses in Utah

A little bit about LegUp Health

LegUp Health launched in 2020 after its founder witnessed first-hand the challenges American workers and their families were faced with when their profession required them to purchase their own health insurance. Today, 200k+ Utahns buy their own health insurance. For them, finding, using, and managing health insurance is an overwhelming experience. Every year, they waste countless time and money buying the wrong plan or misusing the right one. LegUp Health is a new type of health insurance agency focused on service (not sales), enabled by software (not paper), and supported by unbiased coaches (not commissioned brokers).


“Local, independently-owned businesses are special because they teach future generations how commitment and collaboration can lead to success personally, professionally, and within the community.”

~ JD Cleary, owner


Website: www.leguphealth.com


Health insurance concierge for individuals and businesses in Utah


JD Cleary


“I’ve always had coverage through my employer until this year. Navigating individual health insurance alone was a nightmare. LegUp Health makes it less frustrating.”

– Alison, Utah

“When I moved to Utah, I had no idea which individual health insurance plans were best. And as a business owner, I didn’t have time to figure it out on my own. LegUp Health helped me find the right plan and saves me time when I have questions.” – David, Utah

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