Calling all members and friends of UIBC! Take our UIBC Planning Survey

Take our UIBC Planning Survey

The past year and a half has been perilous for independently-owned local businesses in Utah. From lockdowns to mask compliance to navigating PPP loans, many business owners were dealt the biggest challenges of their lives. Some small businesses have only survived due to the innovative thinking and sheer perseverance of their owners and employees.

I believe one result of the pandemic is that the business climate in Utah is forever changed. The UIBC board recognizes that the post-pandemic needs of many business owners have also changed. This is why we want to hear from you. If you own or help run a small business in Utah, please take a few minutes and complete our short planning survey.

Click here to take the survey now.

The UIBC board will be meeting this summer to plan for upcoming advocacy, educational, and mentoring programs. Your feedback is timely and valuable. Thanks in advance for your participation.

Doug Burton
Utah Independent Business Coalition