“Unwind” with UIBC after work on Thurs. Jan. 23rd at 5:30PM


The 2020 Legislative Session begins on Monday (the 27th). Join us for a special “Unwind” this Thursday as UIBC’s Advocacy Co-Chair Jon Parry presents a brief overview on issues small business owners should have on their radar.

“Unwind” is a casual monthly meet-up, and an opportunity for local business owners to socialize and relax at the end of the workday. Unlike our educational events, Unwind is always free to attend and is open to anyone 21 and over. No need to register. Feel free to drop by for a drink and some good conversation with like-minded entrepreneurs and local, independent business owners.

Join us for “Unwind”, this Thursday, Jan. 23rd, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at The Ruin (1215 Wilmington, SLC). The brief legislative overview will kickoff the event! We’d love to see you there.